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History of The Beiger Mansion

The Beiger Mansion Inn is one of the most unique Bed and Breakfast establishments you will ever visit.The four- level neo-classical limestone structure was built in 1903-1907 by Martin V. and Susie Higgins Beiger. Mr. Beiger was an early industrialist who became Mishawaka's first self-made millionaires. The gracious Mansion, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was built to fulfill Susie Beiger's desire to have a home similar to that of a friend whom she often visited in Newport, Rhode Island.

Martin died the first year of the homes construction. Susie breifly stopped construction then changed her mind and decided to finish the mansion. She moved in in 1908 and used the mansion until 1927 when she fell on the grand staircase, broke her hip and died from complications. In Susie's will she left the home to care for elderly women of Mishawaka.    .Hence, the mansion was used as a health care facility until 1967.

ImageIn the late 1960s the mansion was considered a "white elephant" and the community struggled with what to do with the home. In 1972 it was scheduled  for demolition to make way for a used car lot. A group of citizens banded together a got the Beiger listed on The National Registry of Historic Places. The home was torched in January of 1974 by unknown arsonists and completely gutted the home. Unfortunately, the group that saved the mansion from demolition also neglected to properly insure the home. Only a $75,000 policy had been placed on the structure. The community rallied around saving the beloved mansion and brought the structure back to life. After working on the structure for 13 years the group lost support and finances. Ron Montandon purchased the mansion from the Beiger Heritage Group in 1989 and has been working on the building ever since.